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Resolutions on resolutions on resolutions.
I decided a long time ago that New Year's resolutions are not my favorite things, mainly because most people set the bar so high for themselves that they're bound to fail.  Additionally, the primary resolution on people's minds come January 1 is weight loss.  While I take no issue with people wanting to improve their overall health, if you're resolving to lose weight every January 1, something is clearly not sticking.

But I'm not planning to preach to you about the ill effects of yo-yo dieting or promoting taking an active role in implementing a healthy lifestyle.  You pick up any women's health magazine to inform yourself on that, although I'd be very surprised if you didn't already know what to do and just aren't actively engaging in it.

But I digress ...

This year I've resolved to make a new resolution each day. I'm hoping that in setting smaller goals and actually achieving them, I can encourage others to follow suit.  Of course, my overall resolution to write more should also be achieved because I intend to take a little time each day to document my progress.  And then, there's always the sideline resolution on the back burner to meditate more ... yes, I've got multi-fold resolutions going on, and you did read correctly that I don't do New Year's resolutions.

So let's redefine the term as a daily affirmation.  What one thing can I do today to improve upon myself and/or my positive impact on the world around me?

Today I'm starting with a simple idea to initiate my year of daily affirmations.

January 1, 2014: resolve to move.


What did I do to succeed in my resolve today?  I managed to get into the gym for an hour AND took my beautiful dogs out for a walk in the park.  I took time for myself and I brought happiness to my dogs.  The only other thing that would have brought more optimism to my day is a Rose Bowl win for Stanford, but fate had other things in mind.   


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