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I run to be ... (NWM 2011)
Tomorrow morning, I'm embarking upon my 5th journey down the path of the Nike Women's half marathon in San Francisco.  In a pink tutu.  As  my amazing boyfriend, Ryan Anderson.  He busted his feet, knees, and hips walking 150+ miles to earn a spot specifically for me.  So it is with a heart full of love and pride for him that I say these three words:


If you've ever had the chance to run this race, you know why I'm so excited: the course is breathtaking, the race sponsors are fantastic, and the best part is, you're running with thousands of women who are cheering each other on in the most genuinely encouraging way.  With smiles on our faces and a little extra oomph in each step, we will take on the streets of SF, taking in the breathtaking views of the Golden Gate, streaming tears of joy turning around the corner to see the ocean along the Great Highway, rejoicing in setting our sites on the finish line where women from all over the globe reconnect to celebrate their amazing accomplishment.

And if you've never had a chance to run this race, you should allow yourself the opportunity at least once.  You'll see more than 20,000 smiling ladies waiting to give you a few words of encouragement when you start feeling your legs turn to lead, and you'll find the purple TNT mentors motivating not only their running groups, but anyone else who needs a gentle nudge.

I promise you'll never forget the experience, and you'll look back with pride welling up in your eyes when you realize what you've achieved.

You ran to be.


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