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I've never been of the belief that you needed to be in the theater group in high school to experience drama.  Even now, as an adult, it is tough to avoid somehow getting caught up in someone else's melodrama.  I often wonder if this is just the nature of being born female, or if everyone has similar experiences in life.

Drama is one thing, high school behavior is something completely different.  Lately, people have been floating the "Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent free in your head" quote around the internet.  While I completely agree, it strikes me as odd that people need to be reminded to let go of things.  And then I step back and think about my own instinctive way of analyzing and overanalyzing a given situation until I'm sitting with tears of frustration in my eyes, wondering what my catalyst was.  It is really the personality of a high school student to cross your arms and give the evil eye to your assumed arch-enemy.  But where does that get you, apart from sitting and thinking about that person enough to remind yourself that you hate them every day?  Think about the wasted energy there.

If you really do not wish to be friends with someone, just say it and be done.  "I have thought long and hard about this and realize that we are completely different people with interests on opposite sides of the spectrum, and therefore aren't compatible as friends."

More and more people lately seem to be really into cutting each other down when they realize their friendship isn't a good thing.  And by people, I mean women.  And by women, I mean women with a high school complex.  It's time to grow up, and although in reality I can't do this, in my attitude I can project growing a pair.  You realize as you get older that friendships are few and far between, and that you know exactly what you want and what you'd prefer not to have as an attribute in a friend.  When I have children, I'm going to have to go through all of this vicariously through them, and I'd rather have at least a temporary break from it before I have to provide guidance ...

And so, I'm willing myself to grow a pair.  

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