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Day 3: generosity
Today, I marked day three of the year with a third day of activity, a third day of walking dogs, and threw in a little free coffee for a stranger.  How often have you read those articles about Starbucks customers paying it forward and covering people behind them in line?  Today I decided to pull a Nike and "just do it".  It was a small gesture, but the little things are often the ones that catch others off-guard.  We all spend so much time in our own worlds, minds spinning about one issue or another that the brain is busily trying to resolve.  Pull your eyes away from your cell phone, friends; instagram and facebook can wait.  I challenge you to interact with real people, making real connections, and making a (positive) difference in someone's day.

Remember, doing something can be as small as offering a smile, and smiles are FREE!

January 3, 2014: Give.


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